Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations is a top priority for Bertel O. Steen. We demand our staff, our suppliers and other contacts to act accordingly. Only when rules and standards are complied with can we avoid causing damage to our company, our staff and our business partners. 

Misconduct must therefore be identified early. If one gets evidence of misconduct we have established a whistleblower system through specific channels. Employees of Bertel O. Steen and external parties can use these channels to report breaches of laws or internal regulations. Our whistleblower system places great importance on fairness – in dealing with both the whistleblowers and those affected by an accusation.

Whistleblowing can also be anonymous. 

For our employees the whistleblower system is available in the company intranet.
External parties can use the following channels:

Whistleblowing directly to the company

The following channel can be used:

Whistleblowing through an external channel

An external channel is established:
•    Charles Jensen, partner of HR- huset.
mail: / tel. + 47 474 63 940. 
Postal address: Charles Jensen, c/o HR-huset AS, Sandakerveien 114 b, Box 4542 Nydalen, N-0404 OSLO

Charles Jensen is a lawyer, and will secure confidentiality about the whistleblower.